Monday, December 16, 2013

2 cappuccinos -- Canada Post

- Hey did ya hear the news?
- Ya mean Peter O'toole died?
-Not that.  His liver packed it in back in the 90's.
-What then?
- Canada Post is no longer goin' to deliver the mail.
-You're kiddin' --Fabulous!
-Right. No more shovelling the snow.
-Yeah, no tickets for ice.
-Another Christmas present off the list.
-No more bills.
-Now you can buy more at Christmas.
-For sure. Bill comes-- just press delete.
-Yeah, perfect
-Did ya read  the whining in the Globe?
-Who reads the Globe anymore?
-They're riled up about old people gettin' their mail.
-What did old people do when the Milk man stopped? Go dairy free?
-I almost forgot --we're old.
-Jesus Christ, you're always on top of the news.

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